Monday 19 March 2018
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How To Keep Your Car Insurance Premiums Low

Everyone wants car insurance but choosing the right company can be a tough job. There are so many companies and so many attractive offers, but remember that payout rate on claims is a very important factor. You need to opt for cheaper car insurance from a company that has very high percentage of payout. ? The bottom-line is no company is giving you insurance from their pocket; they are here to make profit so make sure know all the tricks in the book about how to save money while getting your car insured?

Just thinking that lowest insurance rate would get you the best without thinking about the coverage is a mistake.

Why don’t you buy house insurance and automobile insurance from the same insurance company?

Do you know that insurance companies give big discounts to one who is a homeowner? The statistics about car insurance shows that homeowners tend to file for claims less than someone who is not a homeowner. Also if you have more than one car you get discounts on multi-car. You can expect 10 to 25 percent savings on your premiums.

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Raising the deductible

If you can raise your deductible you can reduce your premium by 20% as per the Insurance Information Institute. You should remember that higher deductible means more money out of your pocket at the time of claim. This is a simple calculation that if you opt for cheaper car insurance your insurance is going to be expensive.

Try to get all discounts for which you qualify

If you are single now and paid an amount as premium, you might get a good discount as soon as you get married. Read through all the terms and conditions carefully before you insure your car, every aspects of it, people just pay without knowing about how much discount they are eligible for once they marry and start a family. Take the advantage of this and pay low premiums.

Why not buy the right kind of car?

Cars which cost less to repair and to replace get lower premiums to pay. If you buy a car which has more safety features, this will ensure that you pay lower for insurance of that car.

Try to drive safely

If you are a rough driver you are going to pay more for insurance. Try to drive cautiously and earn less ticket from traffic controllers. That would make a repo for you and make your insurance less. For if you follow these simple steps as mentioned above you are going to save a lot.