Are you buying term insurance for yourself or your family? Then you must ask three questions to yourself to avoid any chances of landing upon a mediocre or risky plan. It will also help you invest money into a term insurance plan for a secure and guaranteed return. So read on to know the answers to those questions before you buy term insurance.

What are my monetary requirements from a term insurance?

Defining the monetary requirement from term insurance is always the first step before buying a plan. It is important as the requirement will define a term plan a potential investor needs. To find out the required money, one should initially know what purposes they are planning to accumulate money.

Long Term Requirements

People have different requirements for money based on their different life stages. A child will need money for their education and future life. An adult will require funds for migration, higher education, business, family life, children’s needs, parents’ medical funds, retirement funds, and own medical funds. And elder people will require funds for sustenance and healthcare during their retirement life.

Short Term Requirements

Apart from these long-term requirements, people also require money for short-term purposes. Some might need funds for an immediate requirement shortly, like an upcoming life event or business requirement. Or they might need to hold on to a large sum of money for a short duration until they can divert it towards some other purpose.

Determining the Monetary Requirement

The initial procedures of determining the monetary requirement involve finding out the estimated cost of the purpose right now and the projected inflation rates. For example, suppose the investor is saving money for a child’s education plan. In that case, they must consider the current education expenses for a particular stream of education and the projected inflation rates when the child needs higher education. So, when their child reaches the age of education, they can use the returns, which will be adequate and resistant from any effects of inflation.

A potential investor will know their monetary requirements from this method and can move on with the next major question before they buy term insurance.

Which Plans are Capable of Providing me the Required Sum?

This is a major question that requires answering before people buy term insurance. Finding out which plans are capable of providing the required sum is important as they will then have to make peace with the selected investment mode. Also, if the plans are not suitable enough to provide the required sum or have some risk factors, the investor will have to bear losses, and their plans will suffer.

Understanding Different Plans

Several plans are available these days that are good investment options based on the investor’s risk appetite. This makes it much harder for the unversed in the investment market. So, knowing each plan and understanding how they work is much more important before even considering to invest in that particular plan.

Risks Involved in Plans

A major factor to consider is the risk of every plan. The investor must understand that each term insurance will have different risk factors based on market dependency. Another thing to consider is the insurer’s credibility to avoid risks of claim rejection, which is also a crucial risk in term insurance.

Returns Capacity of Plans

The next thing to consider is the returns capacity of each type of term insurance. Some market-dependent term insurance can provide much higher returns. But they come with similarly higher risks. If the investor prefers higher returns, they can move forward with such plans only after understanding the risks and taking steps to ensure a risk that is as low as possible.

How to Choose the Best Plan for Me Among the Chosen Plans?

Choosing the term plan is the final stage after finding out the monetary requirements and the plans capable of providing that required sum. People often compare plans, which is the best method to buy term insurance.

Comparison of Plans

A thorough comparison can be on the basis of several criteria. But given below are the major criteria for term insurance comparison in the order of significance.

• Sum Assured

• Premium Amount

• Tax-Savings

• Payment Frequency

• Plan Customization

• Riders And Covers

Obtaining the answer to all these three questions will ensure that when you buy term insurance, you will buy the best term insurance. It will help you increase your gains while reducing any risks. A better way to further increase the returns and reduce the risks is by investing in term plans from a highly credible insurer. And what is a better way to find a credible insurer other than the comparison of the claim settlement ratio.

By Genaro Martin

Linda Martin: Linda, a renowned management consultant, offers strategies for leadership, team building, and performance management in her blog.