The number of transactions done by check has been increasing steadily over the last few years. In fact, the number of checks that need to be processed on a daily basis has made the manual processing look inefficient and fraught with challenges. The rise of digital scanning systems have made the check processing look simple and fast. Here are 3 reasons why you should be investing in Pannini Scanners today.

Improves Productivity

In the manual process, the teller has to read the check, input the data in his or her computer, verify it manually and then process the check. This takes more than 5 minutes at the teller’s end. However, a digital scanner will create a digital image of the check, analyse it for amount and bank code details, validate it, and then process it – all in less than 3 minutes. The digital image and the processing information of the check is sent and stored in a central database automatically.

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Remote Deposits Made Possible

The digital scanners have eliminated the need for people to visit banks to deposit their checks. If they have a digital scanner in their office, they can simply scan the check and send the image to their bank. The bank’s software will read the image and process the check – all done in a hasslefree manner.

Cost Reduction

Digital scanners automate the manual intensive processes hence reducing the cost of using high value resources for operational tasks. Your people or human resources are the most expensive ones and hence should be utilized in areas where human instinct and cognitive skills are very critical. You can reassign your manpower to such roles and activities. Digital scanners also free up the space that your filing cabinets utilize for storing files and files of processing information.

By Genaro Martin

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