When the GDPR comes into force in May 2019, individuals (also in their capacity as employees) have the right to be informed of data security breaches that could potentially jeopardize their personal information. The incident must also be reported to the Data Inspectorate within 72 hours.

What should you do as a company?

In other words, the legislation says that your company must inform affected persons if you suspect that their personal information may have been in the wrong hands or there is a risk of ID theft or fraud. This allows the individual to change their password or take other security measures depending on the severity of the situation. You must also document the episode and report it to the Data Inspectorate within 72 hours. With the customer relationship management system  you can get the best deals now.

Due to the already specified timeframe and the requirement for documentation, you and your colleagues need a thoughtful process for how to attack the case through an intrusion or a leak. What should be started? And by whom? If you have no plan, 72 hours may be too short! Think through the situation in advance and follow the routines in which you have established a potential episode – thus, in principle, your company also meets the requirements of the GDPR. The use for faculty management software also comes perfect in this case.

Impact on IT work and crisis communication

By penetration, companies have previously been able to keep this to themselves with the explanation that they would first close the security hole, “so no one can open it again”. But it has been unclear; “Can you just wait as long as you want?” “Shouldn’t you allow the potentially affected ones to take action?”

Therefore, GDPR is clearer in the language and provides increased power to individuals. Businesses are required to have IT routines in place and to communicate better in “crisis situations” so that affected individuals can respond. And that’s actually one of the good things about the increased demands: By following the GDPR, your company increases the confidence in the people you surround yourself with by being transparent and actionable. Don’t forget it. The use of the best free crm android app  comes essential here.

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Here at Lime we know a lot about GDPR, but we are first and foremost CRM experts. Furthermore, we are not lawyers nor do we intend to become so in the near future. The submission on the GDPR is therefore not to be considered as legal advice. Instead, see it as information and inspiration to begin working with GDPR. Here, however, you and your company must investigate the relevant issues yourself or seek legal help if needed. Good luck.

By Genaro Martin

Linda Martin: Linda, a renowned management consultant, offers strategies for leadership, team building, and performance management in her blog.