Whether you live in Thailand or are visiting for a holiday, owning or renting a car can open up some of the most beautiful and hidden parts of the country. Without the constraints of a guided tour you are able to pick and plan your own destinations which are often overlooked by the most common tour packages. Fancy heading north? Then why not visit the jaw dropping mountains in Phetchabun, or maybe you fancy a trip to the elephant conservation centre in Lampang? Looking south you have the idyllic, yet quieter beaches of Chumphon and Trang, and with them all the mysteries they have to offer. I for one have always chose to travel away from the crowds and the ubiquitous tourist destinations.

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Renting a car

It is kind of expected that a rental company has insurance already. It is advisable to double check though, and certainly you will need to understand the insurance level they have on their cars. Car Insurance Level 3 is the base cover on offer and I would certainly recommend it as an option when on a budget. Please ask at the rental company, and read through the accident procedures before driving away.

Owning a car

You will have the option of level 1, level 2 and level 3 car insurance. Although many foreigners drive in Thailand without any incidents it is worth noting that Thailand has a high rate of road accidents. For this reason I would highly recommend comparing the lower levels of car insurance to the most comprehensive packages. For irregular use, or if you are on a budget, level 3 insurance covers what you need without costing a hefty fee.

Why Car Insurance Level 3 (ประกันชั้น3)?

Whether an accident is your fault or not it is advisable to ensure your insurance can cover the minimum legal costs in an accident. Travelling around Thailand can be an exciting experience, but the last thing you want is to end up with large legal bills ruining your adventure. Level 3 car insurance ensures you can travel within budget whilst having the basic legal requirements covered.

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Peace of Mind

Enjoy Thailand with the peace of mind that you will be taken care of if anything happens. With the basic cover of car insurance level 3 you will feel at ease if anything is to happen. A simple call to you English speaking representative will begin the process. They will then send out a crash scene expert to protect your legal rights and to ensure you do not end up paying out for something you were not liable for. If you are unfortunate and do end up in an accident with level 3 car insurance you will be able to get back to your adventure sooner, which otherwise may have come to an abrupt end without the right legal protection.

By Genaro Martin

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