What is Quillbot?

Machine Learning and AI have assumed control over the universe of writing lately. This Quillbot survey will investigate a robust internet-based tool for rewording content suitable for academic composing norms. QuillBot is an AI rewording device that changes the content to make it simpler for you to peruse, comprehend and learn.

The Quillbot group flaunts that their tool is utilised by millions worldwide for many employments from scholastics to money managers. The most well-known utilisation of Quillbot is for creating straightforward content by changing sentences from existing articles. We will likewise investigate a few highlights accessible with this tool, such as the capacity to produce rewards, cites, and sum up text, among others.

It was established by three software engineering understudies, Rohit Gupta, Anil Jason, and David Silin, back in 2017. They are constantly adding new highlights and consistently working on the product’s nature from that point forward.

Quillbot Pricing

Quillbot offers two plans for the users. Two types of account options are available: free and premium. Users can choose a plan that meets their specific requirements. Quillbot pricing is said to be affordable.

QuillBot Free Plan

QuillBot offers a forever free program that grants access to the limitations of the following features. You can access three quill modes like Standard, Fluency, and Creative. It allows users to use 3-word flipper options. You can paraphrase up to 400 characters at once in Quillbot using the free account. 

The summarising characters have a maximum limit of up to 5000 characters. It gives free access to Google Chrome and Google Docs Extension. It also allows you to paraphrase two sentences at once. You can switch to premium after seeing the Quillbot pricing.

QuillBot Premium Plans

The premium plans in Quillbot Pricing are pretty cheap that allow anyone to afford them easily. But you can see your progress with high-paid plans that charge less money. Quillbot offers different programs for the users to choose one. The monthly plan is charged $14.95 for a month. Semi-annual plan pricing is $59.95 for six months which is $9.99 per month. The annual plan is $79.95 a year, $6.67 per month.

Monthly plan$14.95
Semi-annual plan$59.95
Annual plan$79.95

Quillbot pricing also provides a 3-day money-back guarantee with the project. You can claim a refund within 3-days if you’re not satisfied with the premium function of the tool.

Quillbot Reviews

If one is finding for a paraphrasing tool, QuillBot gives a robust platform that coordinates both top calibre and a decent cost. It isn’t generally so advanced as some other AI programming, which you would find available. Yet it offers an ultimate notch insight for the people who comprehend its solidarity and restrictions.

QuillBot Review has acquired prevalence in a minimal capacity to focus on its quality arrangement and reasonable paid plans. I would urge you to offer it a chance at its free form. If you observe an ideal fit for your necessities, you can redesign your arrangement whenever.

QuillBot Pros & Cons


Quillbot is very handy and easy to use. It offers affordable premium plans. Forever Free program is also available. It also provides a developer API. It is a web-based tool. Also, it provides a Summarizer and grammar checker tool within a single platform which makes the work easy for students and content writers. They also offer word flipper and word freezing functionality.


  • The con of Quillbot is that the free plan and premium plan both have character limitations.
  • Assuming you are searching for a productive paraphrasing tool, QuillBot gives a compelling arrangement that coordinates both excellent usefulness joined with a decent cost. Quillbot reviews say that quillbot is a good paraphrasing tool online.
  • Like most other AI tools, the best highlights and services aren’t accessible in the free arrangement, yet it offers quality outcomes for the people who can bear the cost.
  • Sadly, even with Quillbot Premium, the apparatus isn’t as fit for creating Google-level quality substance as a few different devices available. There is an opportunity to get good with AI. Quillbot reviews have received positive feedback from people.

In any case, it is a positive development for making better, more understandable articles given a source piece of content that is taken care of into the product.

QuillBot reviews show that it has acquired popularity in a minimal time to focus on its quality arrangement and reasonable paid plans. I would urge you to offer it a chance at its free form. If you observe an ideal fit for your requirements, you can update your account anytime.

By Genaro Martin

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