Most of the companies have their own warehouses where they use to stack their products. A warehouse is a must for a company, if the company produces goods that need to be stored somewhere. Warehouse could prove to be an important requirement for a business, but still small business owners are reluctant to get one. It is quite understandable that as your company might be small, you can’t afford to buy a warehouse. However, you can always rent one. The primary thing that you need to make sure before considering a Warehouse for rent [คลังสินค้าให้เช่า, which is the term in Thai] is whether you need one or not. It’s quite easy to know just by taking a good look at the quantity of your product and the space you have to store it.

Always pay attention to the square footage while renting:

Square footage is the primary factor that one should consider before renting a warehouse. You need to make sure that the owner of the warehouse is not charging you for the space that will be eaten up by the walls. Also, ask the landlord if your business grows later, you will be able to get some more space alongside. While considering how much space you need, make sure if you have the forklift or not, as it can help you to save you a lot of space by stacking packages on top of each other.

Take in account the type of your product so it doesn’t get damaged:

If your product can be affected by the climatic changes, then you need to find a warehouse where you can keep your package under controlled climate. Ask before hand to the owner if they have a HVAC system installed or not. Sometimes, it is on up to you to get installed a climate controlled storage unit. Some warehouse owners have such systems installed which you can use by paying for it.

By Genaro Martin

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