Any people shop on the internet. They may find some good deals overseas. Many people do not know how to transfer money overseas to complete their purchase. These are some ways to complete a money transfer to the Philippines and make sure the money gets there safely and securely.

Western Union

This is a well known and trusted way to send money overseas. A person will name the recipient of the money to make sure that they get it and they are the only ones to get it. There are some easy ways to complete the money transfer to the Philippines. A person can download the Western Union app and send the money right from their smartphone. They will need to have it connected to their bank account so they can transfer the funds. A person can also complete the process online. The app and the website can be used at any time of the day or night. If a person is not comfortable using technology or they would like to use cash to spend money they can visit one of the 42.000 Western Union locations.


This is another great way to send money to people anywhere in the world. Paypal is also linked to a bank account or a debit card. A person will enter the name and email address of the person they are sending money to. The money will then be transferred and will be available in the recipient’s account. They can then use the money to complete online transactions, transfer it to their bank, or request a check by mail.


This is another way that a person will be able to send money to the Philippines. They can go on the website or they can download the app. A person will enter the amount of money they wish to send. This program will even calculate American dollars to the currency used in the Philippines. A person will enter the recipient. They can then decide if they are going to use money from their bank account, debit card, or they can use their credit card. There are over 10,000 locations where a person will be able to pick up their cash. There is even door to door delivery at no extra cost. A person will be able to track the status of their transfer 24 hours a day.


This program is also easy to use and a person can save money on exchange rates. A person will select the amount of money they want to send and the location where it is going. They will be able to see the exchange rate of US dollars to the Philippian peso. A person will be able to search for several different companies to make sure they are getting the best rate for the transfer. All of the companies that are selected are secure. A person can then search by the lowest fees, the best exchange rates, or the quickest transfer times. A person will then go to the site they select, sign up, and complete the process. They will be able to track their money from the time that it is sent to the time that it is received.

These are some ways that a person can transfer money overseas including to the Philippines. These money transfer methods are safe and there will be a record that the transfer is made. With these simple ways, it is not possible to send money anywhere in the world.

By Genaro Martin

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