If you own a blog and you are planning to make a living out of it, you should not hesitate to invest a little in it first. You can make good money with a blog only if you attract good traffic. You must have at least a thousand visitors a day on your blog to make good enough money to not do anything else for your living.

What are some of the characteristics of a good blog?

A good blog contains good content. Good content is the most important characteristic of a good blog. Without the good content, no matter how much traffic you attract, you will end up with nothing. Your content must be informational. It must provide a solution to a problem or it must provide some new information on any topic.

How you can attract people to your blog

Good content is essential to make people visit you often and trust you but to attract people you must be familiar with SEO and digital marketing. You can either do this yourself or you could hire an agency to help you out with this. Make sure to increase your SEO rankings in your area our country first. Like if you are in Bangkok, make sure to do seo Bangkok first.

Use Google ads for better results

If you do a search on Google, you can see that on the top of the page there are links with ads written on them. It shows that even if you get first rank with SEO, ads will be displayed on top. That’s why you should also advertise with Google. Create a Google Adwords account. Post your ad so when people search something relevant they will find your blog on top of the Google search. Do insert relevant keywords in your content to attract more and more people.

By Genaro Martin

Linda Martin: Linda, a renowned management consultant, offers strategies for leadership, team building, and performance management in her blog.