Well, not everyone is equipped with negotiating skills to Lease Suzuki cars. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you are incapable of handling a simple sales negotiation. Preparing beforehand will make the process easier and boost your confidence. Thus you’ll not be easily wavered or swayed to make a purchase you’re unsure about.

The key is knowledge

Simply gaining knowledge about what you’re going to buy will help in ensuring that you know exactly what you’re talking about. Understand the different elements that are needed to buy used cars in bangalore. You can be easily confused by ‘fancy’ technical terms that you’re not familiar with. Get a head start and learn about the technical things that are associated with vehicles.

Know the level of power you’re looking for, the pricing and all the factors around it. Once the sales person understand that you know exactly what you’re looking for and that you are not just guessing or using the physical features to make the purchase he/she will help you get the very best deal. Withholding information about how much you’re willing to offer will help you sway the sales person your way.

Understand how dealers earn

Dealers have diffrent ways to earn and appealing to their needs will earn you a great deal. There are those who earn through front end purchase by selling for a higher price than the buying price and there are those who earn by back end sales by convincing you to buy extra features or services. Then there are those who earn by the price difference between the car you sell and the one you pay for in a trade-in situation.

The age of the car

The age matters when you are buying a used car. How old is old? A two-year-old car is the best as it still looks brand new and has minimal issues. You’re also likely to get it at a dropped price varying between 45 – 55% off the original price.

By Genaro Martin

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