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Most times, we find ourselves asking “How do I get a restaurant and beverage license?” “What are the documents to provide at the request?”

Anyone who opens an establishment (cafe, restaurant, pub, nightclub) and sells alcoholic beverages on the spot or to take away (supermarket, grocery store, wine merchant, distance selling) can benefit from a beverage license.

The temporary drinking places, for a fair or exhibition, for example, are not subject to licensing. However, authorization from the town hall is required. How do I request for food advertising license (ขอ ฆอ, which is the term in Thai)? What documents must be completed and provided? This is the object of this approach.

How Do I Get A Beverage License?

To acquire a beverage license, you must:

  • Receive training
  • Declare the opening of a restaurant
  • Apply for a license

People who want to open or transfer a restaurant and sell alcoholic beverages must participate in training. The training must be carried out with a training organization approved by the Ministry of the Interior.

However, you should ask at the town hall of your municipality to find out where the training takes place. Once the training has been completed, you will receive an operating license.

After this, declare the opening of the establishment. Restaurants wishing to obtain a license must make an opening declaration two weeks before the establishment opens at the town hall.

What Documents Are Required To Obtain A Restaurant License And A Drinking Establishment?

In order to obtain a license, the following documents must be provided:

  • The opening declaration forms
  • A photocopy of an identity card
  • A photocopy of the rental lease or deed of sale of the commercial premises
  • A photocopy of the diploma or certificate of registration for the training

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