Every year, several Canadians would buy used cars from the United States. The major reason for Canadians to purchase a used car from the US would be inclusive of finding a car at a relatively cheaper price.They may locate a specialty car that may not be found in Canada or they would buy a car from any private seller. In case, you have been contemplating on buying a used car from the US and bringing it to Canada, it would be important to understand the process to help you get through the border crossing.

What kind of used car is allowed in Canada?

Used cars that have been at least 15 years old would be approvedfor import from the U.S. They need not check to see whetherit would meet emission and safety standards of Canada. The age of the vehicle would be determined from the month the vehicle was manufactured. Used cars that would be imported from the US are usually carried on a flat bed truck or driven across the border. After you purchase the vehicle, you would be required to go to that specific state’s Department of Motor Vehicle office and acquire the title of that state. You would find the relevant information on the website of the motor vehicle department of every state.You could seek information onacquiring temporary registration for the car. Prior to you could travel with the vehicle, you maybe requiredto provide proof of insurance,as it has been deemed illegal to drive in the US without vehicle insurance.

Copy of foreign registration document

In order to seek permit into Canada with your used car, you would require the copy of foreign registration document of the vehicle. The document would provide relevant information about the nation of export and the precise age of the vehicle. You need to have a bill of sale providing detailed information on the vehicle. It would be inclusive of vehicle identification number, year, make and model. The names and addresses of the seller and purchaser along with how much you have paid for the used car should be mentioned on the document.

Additional fee associated with import

When you purchase a vehicle from the United States and import to Canada, you should remember about not securing any leasing or financing plan. You may not qualify for any rebates. When buying a used car from the US rather than Canada, you would be aware of the additional fees associated with the import. Therefore, your best bet would be import to Canada with Clearit.

By Genaro Martin

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