Insulated cooler bags are worldwide famous because of its properties. Do you remember those days when you carried heavy ice box with you to sea side? Well things have changed now and to make life easier and lighter, cooler bags are introduced. These bags are made from recycled products so they don’t harm nature much. Although to manufacture it fuel is required but, not as much as for fresh material.

Insulated bags are constant-temperature package that provides high heat insulation, cold preservation and heat preservation. The handbag’s structural design makes it very easy to carry. It also has heat preservation properties. It can be used for all outdoor activities, including driving, camping, and gathering in nature. It is essential for leisure, travel, and life. Insulated bags are widely used in both the take-out and fresh food industries. Thermal insulation bags have made people’s lives easier by increasing market demand.

Cooler bags are made from non woven propylene that is inexpensive and easy to prepare. Non woven bags are made without stitching and the material is glued with chemical and then compressed with pressure to give desired shape. Since not much manpower is required to do this therefore, the price too is reasonable.

Cooler bags are found in many shapes and sizes. This means, if you wish to keep just a bottle and food then you can get a smaller version. Larger version is meant for pool parties and picnics where you always used to carry a huge ice box. Ice boxes are made of galvanized metal and the outer covering is of plastic. Trust me it is heavy and when you put things in it, it becomes heavier. Until we didn’t have cooler bags, there were no other options.

As mentioned above, cooler bags are made of recycled material therefore, they are better to be taken from reliable places like Custom Earth Promos. Reusable Bags for Tradeshows are recycled and made from plastic bottles and other waste materials. This company is situated in Florida and has been in this business for the last eight years. They have wide ranges of reusable bottles, lanyards, umbrellas, pen drives, USB, shopping bags, seed paper etc.

Cooler bags are now useful in many prospective –

  • They aren’t bulky and fit in any space even when your car is packed with other luggage. Not only for beach, but it is useful in long drives.
  • They are insulated as well as waterproof, which allows you to keep your wet towel, swimsuit, anything to separate it from dry stuffs.
  • Insulated bags are multipurpose. For example, to organize your closet, kid’s toys etc., you can use these bags.
  • Since they are thick, they are good to keep sharp items at home, like scissors, knitting needles, knives etc.
  • It is soft yet helpful and the material is reusable, so when it gets dirty, you can wash it with hands or in machine as it is anti wrinkle fabric.
  • Because of its low price, it is affordable and can be reused for outings.
  • Using cooler bags for many occasions save money and usage of plastic bags.

Cooler bags can also be used to promote business. Restaurants can provide take away food in insulated bags so that food remains hot or cold accordingly. Also, stores that provide vegetables and frozen food can utilize insulated bags which will keep their items fresh and customers happy. By printing your business logo on it, you also promote your brand. Whenever your customer uses your bag, they will be reminded about your services.

So, next time when you use plastic bags for shopping think of our environment and protect it by using reusable bags.

By Genaro Martin

Linda Martin: Linda, a renowned management consultant, offers strategies for leadership, team building, and performance management in her blog.