Comprehensive vehicle insurance! The name is familiar still most of us are confused about what it means and how it benefits us. Comprehensive vehicle insurance is one of the best and complete insurance coverage your vehicle can ever get! Comprehensive insurance offers coverage for your vehicle, you and also takes care of all the third-party liabilities. No wonder, comprehensive insurance is the most popular choice among all vehicle owners.

Your Fault Or Their Fault, You Get The Compensation!

This is one of the most significant benefits of comprehensive vehicle insurance. If your vehicle gets into an accident due to your fault, then the insurance will offer coverage for your medical expenses and repair costs of your vehicle. Likewise, if your vehicle is damaged by another person, for instance, you return to your parked vehicle after dining out in a restaurant only to find your car damaged by someone else! In such cases also, your insurance will offer coverage for your vehicle’s repair works. You need not prove that the fault is not yours to get comprehensive insurance cover.

If you do not have a comprehensive insurance cover, then you are taking up the risk of paying for all the possible repair works your vehicle might be having due to any unforeseen incidents or accidents. All the expensive repair works will be taken care of by your comprehensive insurance.

It Compensates For Your Stolen Vehicle!

Have you ever imagined the situation if your vehicle gets stolen? Things like that can happen anytime, any day! If your vehicle gets stolen and the police are unable to find it, will you have the money to buy another new car? Most of us will not be able to raise a significant amount in the most unexpected situation. If you have taken comprehensive insurance, then the insurance will pay you compensation amount for your stolen car. This will help you buy a new car quickly. The insurance won’t pay for your brand-new car. But it will pay you the market value of your stolen car.  

It Pays For The Damages To Your Vehicle Due To Collision Of Animals

The usual ‘collision coverage’ mentioned in vehicle insurance will not pay for the collision of animals on the vehicle. It will only pay for collisions on the road with another vehicle. Only comprehensive coverage will offer collision coverage if any random animal barges into your vehicle and damages it. Deer strikes with their horns can damage the vehicle badly. Also, wild animals like moose, domestic animals which are large like livestock or dog can also destroy your vehicle if you have parked it near to places they move around. Hence, if you live near to areas where animals graze by or move around, then it is better to get comprehensive insurance.

It Offers Coverage For Your Vehicle Damaged By Bad Weather Conditions

Natural calamities can strike any moment of the day! Also, sometimes even a golf ball size hail is enough to leave dents all over the surface of your car. A tornado can damage the buildings, vehicles and also uproot trees. Comprehensive insurance can come to your rescue in such situations. It will pay for the damages occurred to your vehicle due to adverse weather conditions. In case your vehicle gets wholly damaged, your insurance provider will pay you the value of the vehicle in the present market conditions.

Rain Or Flood, Comprehensive Insurance Keeps You Afloat!

The mechanical parts and also the upholstery of vehicles can easily get damaged if water seeps inside them. If the damage is severe, then the vehicle cannot be repaired or used again. In such cases, your comprehensive insurance will offer you coverage to get the vehicle fixed or will pay you the value of your vehicle if it gets damaged beyond repair. You might think that floods are uncommon and might not happen in your area. But, the statistics prove that over twenty per cent of the flood-related insurance claims were made from places that were considered as the low risk to moderate risk zones.  

Face Damages Due To Fire Hazards With Comprehensive Insurance!

Fire can break out any time in the least unexpected situation. A small spark at the wrong time can turn into a massive fire within a matter of seconds! If your car gets involved in a fire accident and the parts get damaged due to burns, then your comprehensive insurance will compensate for the losses and pay for the repair works. It even pays for accidents like tree branches falling over your tree and breaking the glasses.

Thus, comprehensive insurance is the complete insurance package that safeguards your vehicle in all the conditions be it your fault or due to external factors. No other insurance cover provides such a full span of coverage as comprehensive coverage. Hence, this is considered the best, and most of the vehicle owners also prefer comprehensive over other options.

By Genaro Martin

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