If you have health insurance already and are wondering whether you need extra security for yourself and your loved ones, then this post is for you. If you feel like your present insurance policy isn’t providing you with enough coverage, you could port the policy to a different insurer. If your loved ones are living in a different country, you don’t need to get them done under a local insurance policy. However, if you purchase a second insurance plan, make sure to do the analysis first, depending on the requirements and your present situation. Understand your family numbers, earrings, illnesses, lifestyle, present coverage, etc. Or you could simply move to a family insurance plan that gives you coverage on your entire family. 

Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind before you purchase any health insurance policy:

The Sum Assured

Due to medical inflation, the cost of your treatment is bound to increase with time. Hence, if you are expecting any massive changes in your upcoming medical requirements, then consider porting your insurance. You could also increase the assured amount in order to meet the concerns of your health. Depending on your medical conditions and claim history, it is vital to take this up with your insurer. 


First, make sure to assess all your health needs first. Assess the health concerns existing in your family and the ways in which they can affect your insurance plan. You could also consider other factors like giving birth to a baby, a new family member, job changes, etc. If your present payment comes with a clause or sub-limits, then you could also opt for another plan. Always go for a plan that has very few limitations so that you can enjoy most benefits. For example, if you are having a kid of two years, you could get them a health plan or a cover that comes with a 2 year waiting period. Or some providers will also give you the option to reduce the period by simply increasing your premium amount.

Top Up Plans

You should always consider a top up plan for your existing policy. You may get a top-up if you like in order to meet your needs on an individual or standalone level. The top up not just increases your benefits but also acts as an add-on to your present policy. If your insurance cover is provided by the company, then you could also take a top-up on the plan and save some cash. Take a look at your lifestyle as well as medical expenses so far and make sure that the sum insured by your employer is not deducted by the top-up amounts. 

If you are facing issues with your current insurance policy, make sure that you purchase another policy. Having the right coverage is important if you need adequate coverage. But before you renew your policy, you could also think of all the benefits and what you would like to avail. It may not be necessary to continue with the same kind of insurance provider. You are free to change your health insurance plans and get sufficient coverage for one that can help you in times of medical emergencies. 

By Genaro Martin

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