One of the largest cities in Australia and the second largest city in Queensland, the Gold Coast is no stranger to being the hotbed for booming businesses. From beaches and theme parks to rising culinary business, the Gold Coast has much to attract people from within and outside the country.

If you are a business in the Gold Coast looking out to reach more people locally, then online marketing is key. Given here are some powerful online marketing tips to spread your wings.

Create a Google Business Profile

Google enables you to create a free Google Business Profile, which is a great way to showcase your Gold Coast business. A Google Business Profile makes you visible to prospects that explore Google Maps and Google Search for products and services.

Google requires your business name, location, and nature of business for profile creation. After a verification for duplicate, your business profile is created for the specified location.

A Business Profile gives your business identity online. Your customers get to know about you through authentic information shared by you. Give essential information such as your contact details and operating hours. You can share your logo and relevant images to add credibility to your listing.

The logo and photo sections convey more about your business to prospects, increasing their awareness and impression about your business.

You can also describe unique attributes about your company. For example, being the only pet-store in the locality, selling products with locally-sourced ingredients, or having a business insurance Gold Coast, make your business more memorable.

A comprehensive insurance protects your business from a range of risks, including damage by theft, fire or storm, and even revenue loss. Business insurance is also a way to convey your values of responsibility to customers. Know more here.

You can use your Business Profile to:

  • Get more business visibility online
  • Highlight your business by providing specific attributes
  • Connect with customers by creating posts and giving information about events and offers
  • Show credibility by responding to public reviews
  • Interact with customers directly through direct messaging system. You can initiate automated responses or craft your own messages
  • Let customers know you care by posting answers to common questions. Increase engagement and brand awareness by allowing other customers to reply

Engage with Google Ads

Google Ads deliver 10 times more leads and 2 times more conversions than traditional marketing methods. With Google Ads, your business becomes visible to customers when they search for products or services you offer. The search can be on the Google search engine or Maps.

Keywords are a valuable tool to increase the efficacy of your Google Ads. For example, you could use local keywords such as your locality or zip code along with your products, services, or business, for effective targeting. For greater reach, use keyword phrases that mention your product or service in association with the customer’s location.

For example, a Gold Coast handyman service (depending on the specific service areas) can benefit from a Google Ad with these localized keywords:

“Plumber near North Tamborine”, “Electrician near Scarborough”, or a “Handyman near Tweed Heads”.

In addition to optimized reach, Google Ads helps your business stick to its budget so that you do not overspend or underspend. You can define a monthly budget and stay within it. The budget is flexible as you can alter the spending when needed.

From improving brand awareness to increasing leads and store visits, you can use Google Ads to achieve targeted online marketing goals.

Turn to Social Media Local Marketing

You can use social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn for Gold Coast-targeted advertising. Local targeting on these platforms allows you to promote your business within a specific distance from your location.

Different platforms have different local marketing targeting strategies. But in general, the local social media approach benefits you in multiple ways:

  • Hyperfocus on Gold Coast reduces your marketing budget while increasing your reach to prospects that really matter
  • Join groups that would benefit from your business expertise. For example, if your business offers pet products or services, then a pet group would be ideal. The strategy is not to promote your business, but help people with your advice. This engagement can, over time, develop trust, which organically leads to business
  • Use hashtags associated with your region. These could be popular local events (e.g., #SavingSundays), a popular eatery (e.g., #MattersOfTaste), or a local spot (e.g., #SaveItElderlyPark). You can easily search for hashtags applicable to your area.

Start with those that apply to your business. Develop content based on these hashtags.

  • Get your existing customers involved. Ask them to share their stories of association with your brand, products, or services.

Request them to post images when they make a purchase at your stores. Set contests such

as caption-building or story-sharing to get them to share their experiences with your brand.

Your prospects are more likely to trust the reviews and feedback of fellow customers.

‘Blog’ your Expertise

Start a blog that focuses on the Gold Coast. In addition to sharing your business expertise, you can blog about events that interest you on the Gold Coast. Extend guidance in your business area. For example, you could give readers the best bargaining tips.

Whether it was a new tourist wowed by the service at your apparel shop or a local event where you volunteered, blog about things that relate to your target audience.


A focus on your customers is key to success in online marketing for your Gold Coast business. No matter the approach you employ, ensure that it benefits your customers and adds value to their lives. Leads and customers are sure to follow.

By Genaro Martin

Linda Martin: Linda, a renowned management consultant, offers strategies for leadership, team building, and performance management in her blog.