Health is the most precious treasure one have in his life. A healthy person is able to perform routine work and enjoy the life at its full. While disability is the losing an ability to perform certain actions. Like disability to walk, disability to see etc. Physically or mentally disabled persons couldn’t go for work and therefore can not earn money on their own. Which is way to difficult to survive in a society where everything is good only If you have enough money. The disability itself is a wrenching thing a person is going through and then there come the financial issues which make it worst. For such issues, government provides disability insurance in Ontario. The insurance is basically made for people who are disabled and can not go for further work and are not able to earn money on their own. Therefore, to help them achieve a balance in their life. The insurance is basically designed for people who are medically impaired for a life time to perform their work. The impairment could be single or multiple but it must last as a life time disability to be accepted as a disabled person to claim the disability insurance. Though it has a long way to go. As you need to fetch all the documents along with the hospital documents which has declared your disability. Then you’ve to wait for your turn to submit all the data to the administration. After that administration will take their time to consider all your data. If they will approve that you have a life time disability and you actually are able to get the disability insurance only then you can get it. To skip all this hectic procedure you can hire a good disability lawyer to do all this work. Once you get the disability insurance it will be very beneficial for you to survive your life without worrying about how you will meet both ends. Therefore, If you have a disability or someone in your family have it help them and consult a insurance advisor for further details.

By Genaro Martin

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