Investors today like to start businesses overseas. Hong Kong is among the significant places that investors set up companies. Investors understand the benefits of starting a business overseas, and that is why they do it. Taking the benefit of business registration number Hong Kong enables a person to be part of the international market. They also enjoy tax friendly and favorable laws that create a good environment for investments to flourish.

Hong Kong is a haven for business to prosper because of several factors. Many people choose the city to start and run their companies. The city’s location is strategic. It has a very productive workforce, the tax rates are attractive to any investor who wants to set up a business; it has a conducive business environment and developed infrastructure. Other contributing factors that make Hong Kong an excellent place to invest is the stable economic and political atmosphere and the effectiveness of its legal system.

Here are some of the features that make Hong Kong a perfect place for many investors to start their companies.

Why Choose Hong Kong

Hong Kong has attracted people from various parts of the world to start business. It only proves that Hong Kong is ideal for setting up businesses. Business will grow if the conditions are right. Hong Kong seems to be having all the requirements that a business needs to improve. Most investors know this, and they do not hesitate to visit the city and set up their companies. Hong Kong has a developed communication system and exporting and importing of goods is free in addition to the simple tax system and elite location already mentioned above. With all these favorable features an investor will enjoy many advantages just form being having a business registration number Hong Kong.

Strategic Location

When we say that Hong Kong is in a strategic location, it is the fact that it is near China, which makes it easy to get to the China market. Investors always want to expand their horizons and set up a company in Hong Kong allows them to carry out business activities internationally. Hong Kong innovatively uses this closeness by allowing developments, which make it easier to involve China in these business activities. The Hong Kong Innovation Circle is one such development; it attracts Chinese enterprises to perform several scientific kinds of research there.

Apart from its closeness to China and the China Market Hong Kong is just an hour drives from the Pearl River Delta. It is the largest manufacturing location worldwide. With such closeness to the delta, Hong Kong has a large market of over 450 million consumers in that region only.

Asia is becoming a hotspot for many investors from all over the world. Hong Kong is at the center, so they mainly want to settle their business there. Most of the regional markets are just 4 hours away by flight from Hong Kong. Hong Kong is in a close economic relationship with China following the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CPEA). Hong Kong is an all-around business and economy friendly city for any investment. It continues to grow and become better as a business-friendly region.

Ease Of Doing Business

Investors know that Hong Kong offers an easy opportunity and environment to set up business. The city is extremely flexible when it comes to starting a company or business. A person can complete a set up of a company in 3 to 5 days. The infrastructure of Hong Kong is in peak condition, and it majorly boosts the growth and development of businesses in the area. Business premises are readily available in the city. Strict regulations are governing intellectual property as well as intellectual rights. One more thing that enables the running of businesses with ease in Hong Kong is the many available dispute resolution channels that have been made available for business. There is the ADR for Financial Disputes. The system in Hong Kong is generally business-friendly. The tax laws followed majorly favor businesses. Employee sourcing is also simple. With organizations like Stoke IT Recruitment Company the best round the world can be hired in a moment. Such things have attracted investors from around the globe to set up companies in the state. There are no complications, and it is easy to start up a company in a place where rules are on the minimum. The only thing that a foreigner does to start a business in Hong Kong is to apply for a work visa. Once they receive it, they can start their company up.


The developed transport system in Hong Kong favors business investors. There are good roads; there are sea links, subway, and airport. The airport is very busy, and the flights are international. The public transport and taxi system are also well developed. It enables transport within Hong Kong to be smooth too.

Attractive Tax Regime

An investor will choose to start their business in an area where the tax is less and requirements are favorable, and simply means there are many benefits you can get from your business registration number hong kong Hong. Kong allows businesses to pay very low taxes. The tax on salaries and personal income usually starts at 2 percent to 17 percent for the highest incomes. Corporate tax is 16.5 percent; there are no taxes for capital gains, dividends, and social security benefits.

By Genaro Martin

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