When it comes to labor and employment law, things are always in changing mode. Many new laws with respect to issues such as predictive scheduling and paid sick leave are enacted regularly. In most cases, the employer wants to know if he needs a labor lawyer. Yes, you need to hire one for effectively handling certain situations.

Role of a Labor Attorney

Labor attorney may work for either employers or employees for entering into negotiations or making settling of disputes. Under stringent legal definition of labor laws, a labor lawyer can work with industries having labor unions, such as teaching and law enforcement.

Do You Really Need a Labor Attorney?

It is important that you get in touch with a labor lawyer under the following circumstances:

– You face the threat of a lawsuit on the grounds of issues such as dangerous working conditions, illegal overtime, or unlawful termination.

– You wish to fire a union worker who has been demonstrating unsatisfactory performance.

The services of an employment attorney can be used as a preemptive measure for protecting businesses from litigation. Listed below are certain ways in which you can use the services of an employment / labor attorney:

– Prior to firing an employee

– Firing an employee

– Handling claims and complaints against your business

– Reviewing contracts and agreements

– Laying employees off

– Writing or reviewing handbooks and policies

– Dealing with a government agency

– Legal papers from an employee

– Employment attorney services

Why Hire an Employment / Labor Lawyer?

Prior to Laying Employees Off

The process used for laying people off should be appropriate and legal. In case, you aren’t sure about the procedure you are using, hire an employment lawyer. He will be in a position to give you the right advice about discharging your duty at a state and local level. The employment lawyer must keep you informed about any obligations under legislation such as The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act. This act offers ample protection to personnel who are being laid off.

A professional consultation with your lawyer about contents of general claims release is crucial as the document informs you about the employee surrendering their rights to litigate your business for particular reasons. If you wish to include certain things into the document, you can consult the lawyer. He will use his knowledge, experience, and expertise to offer you requisite advise on if your request is legal and appropriate for the situation.

Reviewing Employment Agreements and Contracts

These can be reviewed by an employment lawyer to make sure all information is legal. The lawyer will advise you whether the contracts and agreements may be enforced in the court of law, contain all necessary legal terms, place more burden on you (needed by law) etc. You may also be advised about scenarios where varied contracts must be used.

Writing or Reviewing Handbooks and Policies

Usually, the info inside policies and handbook are very similar to contracts and agreements. These possess legal implications for business. It is wise to get in touch with one of the experienced labor lawyers mainly if you are not sure about the info contained inside policies and handbook related to issues such as sick pay, overtime, scheduling, health and safety etc.

Also handbooks and policies require getting updated with changes in the law. An employment lawyer is expert in writing handbook and policies for you. Owing to legal implications of an employee handbook, an experienced employment lawyer is the best person to compile it for you.

By Genaro Martin

Linda Martin: Linda, a renowned management consultant, offers strategies for leadership, team building, and performance management in her blog.